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Small Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant

YCZG Machinery is a leading manufacturer in the production of high quality and robust Asphalt Mixing Plant, Small Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant. Please leave a message of your requirements, learn more about our complete range of Small Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant and find out all the advantages.
$10000 ~ 250000 USD
Capacity: 10t/h-80t/h Total Power: 40kw-280kw
Modular design Low investment cost operation simple and safer Long service life

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Small portable asphalt plants are better suited for small construction projects that do not require a large amount of asphalt mix. And, small portable asphalt plants combine the advantages of mobility and convenience. You can easily move this machine when you need to work on several different construction sites at the same time. Moving from one place to another can drastically reduce your time. Small portable asphalt plants are widely used in road construction, highway construction, airport construction, etc.

There are many systems in a small asphalt plant, including cold aggregate supply system, drying and heating system, dust collection system, hot aggregate supply system, weighing system, mixing system, finished product storage system, control system and so on. Each system is relatively independent. Connect these systems to form a unit with the mixing system as the core. Every system plays different roles.


  • Stable & Reliable

    6 step protection system ensures safety during operation
    Ethernet connections for fast and reliable communications
    Computer controlled manufacturing process

  • Cost Effective

    Lower initial investment for quicker profits
    Lower aggregate capacity for lower energy consumption
    Lower loader fuel consumption results lower operating costs

  • Small & Flexible

    Small footprint requires less site space
    Enter and exit on both sides. Flexible layout allows setup on any site

  • Convenient & Fast

    Modular design allows an installation time of only 4 days
    Major components can be quickly and easily relocated


Cold Aggregate Bin3333334
Aggregate Batcher2.3m32.3m32.3m35m35m35m35m3
Total PowerFuel Oil41.5kw54kw63.5kw104.5kw125kw157.5kw200kw
Fuel Coal57.5kw75kw86.5kw127.5kw169kw205kw276kw
Finished Asphalt Storage Bin2t5t5t9t9t9t20t
Fuel ConsumptionFuel Oil: 5-7.5 kg/t;Fuel Coal: 13-15 kg/t
Control SystemManual/semi-automatic/full automatic;
Asphalt Temperature120-180°C (adjustable)
Optional ComponentsWater dust collector/Bag house dust collector; side aside type finished product bin


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