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Mobile Concrete Baching Plant

YCZG Machinery is a leading manufacturer in the production of high quality and robust Concrete Baching Plant, Mobile Concrete Baching Plant. Please leave a message of your requirements, learn more about our complete range of Mobile Concrete Baching Plant and find out all the advantages.
$10000 ~ 100000 USD
Capacity: 25m3/h-75m3/h Total Power: 60kw-100kw
Quick and easy installation (1-2 days) Minimum foundation cost Cost-effective transportation Quick and easy relocation

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Mobile concrete batching plant is a concrete production equipment that integrates the whole system with a towing truck, including aggregate storage system, weighing system, conveying system, mixing system, unloading and automatic control system. Mobile concrete batching plant is developed according to the actual needs of customers who need frequent transportation. For these projects that have short construction period and long construction line, mobile concrete mixing plant is an ideal machine. Moreover, mobile concrete batching plant can be installed or disassembled in one day, which is convenient to transfer. Usually, mobile concrete batching plant is mainly used for the construction of highway, railway, bridge, port and so on.

Due to its rigid structure YCZG Machinery mobile concrete plant with 2 complete sets of screw conveyors, filters and other silo equipment can be transported with the help of only one single trailer truck. All mobile batching plants are equipped with two axles to ensure good weight distribution.

Mobile concrete batching plants come pre-wired with maximum equipment installed to ensure fast installation on site. Typically a standard mobile concrete batching plant can be installed in 1-2 days.

Due to the design focused on mobility our mobile batch plants require no or minimum foundation to minimize the operational costs on temporary sites.

All the equipment necessary for the operation of the batch plant is installed on the main chassis and is being transported on it. Water buffer tank, water pump, additive tank and additive pumps along with air compressor come preinstalled on the main chassis. All the equipment is pre-wired and tested.


  • Stable & Reliable

    6 step protection system ensures safety during operation
    Ethernet connections for fast and reliable communications
    Computer controlled manufacturing process

  • Cost Effective

    Lower initial investment for quicker profits
    Lower aggregate capacity for lower energy consumption
    Lower loader fuel consumption results lower operating costs

  • Small & Flexible

    Small footprint requires less site space
    Enter and exit on both sides. Flexible layout allows setup on any site

  • Convenient & Fast

    Modular design allows an installation time of only 4 days
    Major components can be quickly and easily relocated


Theoretical productivity (m³/h)2535506075
Nominal capacity of mixer (m³)0.50.75111.5
Aggregate silo number and volume (m³)2×22×2.52×3.52×3.52×10
Aggregate critical weight value (kg)10001000200020003000
Cement critical weight (kg)3003005006001000
Fly ash critical weight value (kg)
Water critical weighing value (kg)300300300400300
Additive critical weight (kg)4040404050
Aggregate measurement accuracy (%)±2±2±2±2±2
Powder measurement accuracy (%)±1±1±1±1±1
Water measurement accuracy (%)±1±1±1±1±1
Additive measurement accuracy (%)±1±1±1±1±1
Discharge height (m)


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